Ethos Members Project Grants

Since 2010, Ethos Global has financed a number of small community projects from operating profits it accumulated from core business activities.

When funds become available Project Grants are offered to the Membership of Ethos Global Foundation for discreet projects and activities that deliver the core objectives of EGF.

Requirements for Members to receive a grant include the need for them to;

  1. invest in and be facilitated by member-applicants and participants
  2. be ABN registered individuals or organisations (for Australian Members only)

EGF Projects grants are available only to current Members of Ethos Global Foundation.

Members can submit proposals only to a call for Projects Grants that are made by the Directors from time to time.   

Projects that EGF Members have undertaken in recent years include:

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Applications for Project Grant applications are assessed, approved and offered by the Board of Directors from time to time. 


The value of a Project Grant is normally between $500 and $5,000 for discreet projects and activities taking place in the financial year in which the grant is offered. 


EGF Directors provide a Grant Application Package to all Members upon making a call to the Membership for Applications.  The Package will include;

EGF Community Project Grant Guidelines  
EGF Community Project Grant Application Form  
EGF Community Project Grant Outcomes  
EGF Community Project Grant Acquittal  

In making and signing an application for Project Grant Funding, Members acknowledge they take on all risks & responsibilities, legal and financial associated with the project deployment, management and completion. They also acknowledge all moneys spent to the value provided by EGF for the project will need to be substantiated and acquitted by the applicant.